5 Critical Qualities for Successful Self Employment

Taking the plunge and working for yourself can be one of the most rewarding experiences in the world. Being self-employed and having the freedom to do things under your control with passion for the work you do are what many consider to be the American Dream.

However, self-employment can also be a daunting lifestyle for many. It takes dedication, hard work, and most of all, time, to make a name for yourself in your field.  Here are just a few of the qualities that successful self-employed people have:

1 Foresight

Know what your goals are. When you work for yourself, there are no concrete paths to success. You need to carve your own way through the unknown. The best way to make it out alive is to have a measurable idea of what you want from your business and lifestyle.

You also need to anticipate the risks. Have backups and safety nets for yourself for worst-case scenarios. There would be nothing worse than pouring everything you have into your passion only to have it fall apart and have nowhere to turn to. Using professional service provides such as accountants, bookkeepers, and attorneys can help minimize these risks.

2 Drive

To be your own boss, you need to really want it. You may spend countless hours creating your brand and solidifying your presence in the community. Luckily, we live in an age where much of that can be done online or through social media. It takes long hours of dedicated work to go for the long haul, but it can be done with the right attitude.

Things will also not be as inherently as secure as working for a bigger corporation. You will have all aspects of your business fall on your shoulders, and you assume all the risk. All the details, problems, triumphs, and paperwork are yours to solve. You need specific vision as well as a real thirst for self-sufficiency to thrive in this environment.

3 Organization

You also must be able to organize yourself to work for yourself. Not everyone responds to the same strategy, but there needs to be a strategy in place. Using tools like Google Calendar can be extremely helpful in this situation. You can play around with what works for you and your business as you go, but make sure to keep track of everything! This especially goes for financial records. Coming up with an efficient system to record financial information is the very foundation of your business’ health. This trait leads us to our next point.

4 Outsourcing

Sometimes, you will need professional help to get the most out of your business. Know what you can accomplish on your own as well when you need help. This can be done by hiring other freelance workers to write blog posts, outsourcing bookkeeping, or other areas of business development that may not be your strengths. The important thing to remember is that you can’t do it all! Investing in professional services  is an investment in the success of your company.

5 Luck

Getting everything right the first time isn’t always going to happen. But that’s okay! A lot of self-employment is trial and error. You might need to be at the right place at the right time talking to the right person to get your business past the beginning stages. Sometimes, you won’t be there.

Don’t let that deter you from pursuing self-employment if that that’s what you really want. People do it all the time and succeed. Learn from your mistakes and be cautious. Have a safety net and a backup plan. Do things the right way and make sure to have records of everything!

There are many other details that go into successfully working for yourself. This is a very brief list of just some important qualities. Self-employment is not for everyone, but it can be an extremely rewarding experience.

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